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Artist’s Statement

I have practiced the photographic arts for over twenty-five years as an artist and as an educator. My initial infatuation and continued love of the medium stems from its unique ability to represent the qualities of light and form. Photography’s unique characteristics, unlike any medium that came before, serve as an extension of our vision to record human experiences.

In my imagery I seek to enhance the tactile sense of light and emphasize the importance of the subject’s color or tone in our awareness of its surface. This sense of light, intrinsic to the medium of photography, also becomes integral to the concepts within my imagery.

My approach to the image-making process is most often initiated by a spontaneous response to my surroundings, to the world around me. Each composition therefore becomes a very personal response both emotionally and psychologically. Thematic concepts then become evident and the image–making process moves to a more conceptually level.

Ultimately I want the audience to connect in their own way with my photographic imagery. Their response is, as for all artists, a completion of the cycle.

  All images are Copyright © Linda Morrell