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Italy: A Visual Sketchbook

My current work is a personal response to an Italian experience. I traveled to Italy as a visiting professor for the University of Georgia and lived in the small town of Cortona located in Tuscany. While there, I saw and experienced a land and culture I realized to be an intricate part of my identity. As an artist I was inspired. As an Italian American, I experienced a sensation of Déjà vu and an unusual level of comfort among people whose language and culture had sifted down through my grandparents.

These photographs represent a view into a cultural landscape rich with religious icons and the coexistence of profound ancient ancestry with a modern society. In this context sacred is juxtaposed to profane and vernacular forms contrast with traditional iconography. The artifacts and sculpture in their physicality become animated witness, like gatekeepers on a bridge to the past. The characteristics of the architecture and the layers of civilization that appeared in even a simple passageway became distinctive to my American sensibilities.


    All images are Copyright © Linda Morrell